the mystery


The logic of dreams

There’s no right or wrong. The way you perceived it and experienced it in your own personal way is all that matters. Don’t look for a logic thread, in dreams, you won’t find none.

A man’s twisted ambition leads him deep, too deep, into a rabbit hole where redemption is not allowed anymore.

Too often in films, morally corrupted leads end up searching for their own self redemption in a last attempt to save what little is left of their humanity, but in this case we wanted to portray on screen the other kind, the kind that loses completely its own objective perception in order to get what he wants the most from life, even if that means self-destroy, and ultimately ends up paying the price because of it. An imperfect human being, driven blindly by his own ambitions and desires.

There’s no right or wrong. The narrative structure works in trying to engage with the audience in a way that could stimulate in them a very subjective experience, and unveiling with every watch, new details and sides to the story.

It’s ultimately a fantasy, yes a fantasy, for in this case a poisoned dreamer. Few fugitive moments tries to blend in attempting to deviate from a harsh reality. Therefore an Acid Fantasy, still beautiful in its shape and form, but slowly melting and fading away.

There’s no right or wrong. Be open minded and try to experience the acid fantasy in your own way, through your own lens, and in the end piece it all together as one does with dreams.